Kenedy Texas RV Park & Resort Ranch
                           1197 FM 2443 Kenedy, Texas 78119
(512) 496-1974
This LEASE AGREEMENT, made this ___________ day of _________________, 20____
between the OWNER Kenedy Texas RV Park & Resort Ranch (aka
FM 2443 Kenedy, Texas 78119 and the CLIENT:
    PHONE NUMBER:______________________________________________________
    Employer & Phone #:______________________________________________________
1.  OWNER agrees to lease to CLIENT, camping space Number_________ in the area of the
     Kenedy Texas RV Park & Resort Ranch
    a. The lease term shall begin on the _______ day of _____________, 20____.  Thru         _______ day of _____________, 20____.  This lease is renewed for an additional (30)         thirty days each time the next month's rent is accepted by the OWNER.  OWNER will         provide CLIENT with a (5) five day advance notice if the OWNER does not intend to         renew the lease.  Payments are due the 1st day of every month regardless of when the         day falls.  If rent is not paid within 5 days a $25 late fee will be applied to the monthly         rate taken from the deposit in addition to a charge of $5/dax  y until paid in full.
    b. Regular monthly rate for this unit is $450 for 30 amp/$500 for 50 amp.
    c. First Months Pro-rated amount is ________________.
    d. Deposits are required for ALL CLIENTS, this deposit will be retained until departure         and any outstanding fees owed will be deducted.  CLIENTS are responsible for making         sure that we have a correct address on file to mail payment to.  A deposit in the amount         of $100 has been retained for this contract.
    e. No partial month premiums will be refunded to Clients.
2.  The CLIENT agrees to use the premises for parking of (1) one recreational vehicle ONLY        and understands the site leased cannot be sublet or assigned without prior written        permission from the OWNER.  Occupancy of the recreational vehicle site is limited to        (1) man or a married couple (being one man and one woman).
    a. An additional rate of $100 per month per camper (occupant) will be charged to units that         exceed campers allowed per contract.
    b. Each camper is allowed (1) one registered personal vehicle, and is required to register
             that vehicle with the RV PARK MANAGER upon arrival.  Maximum vehicles allowed         at campsite is 2, all other vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking area.
    c. Registered vehicle information:
             MAKE              MODEL          YEAR          COLOR         LICENSE #        
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3.  This property being privately owned, the CLIENT accepts lease and residence privileges     with the understanding that he/she does hereby release the RV park, its owners affiliates     and employees, of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person     arising out of his/her use of the facilities and agrees to indemnify the OWNER , their     affiliates and employees, against any and all claims resulting from loss or damages to     property, injury or death to the person or any member of the family or guest of the     CLIENT, arising out of use of its OWNER'S facilities.
4.  The  CLIENT acknowledges that the CLIENT had been furnished a written list of all of the     RV park rules and agrees to abide by them.  The CLIENT also acknowledges that the     rules may be amended by the OWNER(S) at any time for any reason.
5.  Description of the unit to be placed on the leased site is as follows:
    MAKE______________ MODEL______________ YEAR______ COLOR__________
    SERIAL #_______________________ SIZE_______x_______
    LICENSE #______________________STATE_____________
    Name of the Title holder of the RV________________________
6.  Names of children expected to use the rented/leased RV space/site:
    ____________________________________  __________________________________
    ____________________________________  __________________________________
    A maximum of (2) two children under and including the age of (10) ten is allowed.
7.  The OWNER will allow pets on premises, for as long as the pet does not become a nuisance     or a danger to the other campers/residents or OWNERS or employees.  Pets must have     current vaccinations and be spay/neutered.  ONLY NEUTERED PETS WILL BE     ALLOWED. Documentation must be provided. Two (2) pet maximum unless special     arrangement is made in writing on this contract.  Rules list breeds not permitted.
8.  CLIENT agrees to carry CLIENTS own liability and comprehensive insurance, as well as     maintain current vehicle registration & inspection.  CLIENT will provide proof of     insurance and registration along with lease.
9.  DEFAULT.  In the event that the CLIENT defaults on any term of this lease, including the     terms of the lease payment, usage, or violation of the RV park rules, the OWNER will     have the right to evict CLIENT upon (3) three days written notice to cure default.  Notice     of the right to cure default shall be deemed delivered to the CLIENT when tempted to     personally deliver by the OWNER or employee of the RV park.  In the event that the     CLIENT is evicted or refuses to leave, the OWNER may proceed with forcible entry and     detainer for the removal of the CLIENT and the recreational vehicle.  An eviction by the     OWNER shall not be its sole remedy and the OWNER shall be entitled to recover any past     due rents with interest (12%) per annum on the past due amount from the date it was due,     together with any attorney fees and all other unpaid fees and expenses.
10. Additional Provisions:
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11.  Upon expiration of this lease, the CLIENT agrees to remove themselves, personal property     as well as the RV and vehicles from the campsite as well as any trash from the leased     space.
12.  This Lease and RV Park Rules contain the entire agreement between OWNER and the     CLIENT, no other representations or inducement, verbal or written has been made that is     not contained in this Lease.  This Lease is serviceable, if one portion is invalid, the     remaining portion shall, nevertheless remain in full force and effect.
13.  VIOLATIONS.  A violation of  Kenedy Texas RV Park & Resort Ranch
    aka: policies and Park Rules can result in the immediate eviction
    from the property without refund or recourse.
14.  Returned checks, if the CLIENT'S check is returned unpaid (for insufficient funds or stop     payment order) the OWNER will add a $35 NSF fee.  All future payments after must be     paid by certified funds (money order or cashier's check) or cash.  The OWNER shall have     the right to collect in full (including any fees attorney and others associated with collection)    any check which has had a stop payment order placed on it for any reason whatsoever.
        CLIENT                        Kenedy Texas RV Park & Resort Ranch
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R.V. Park Rules
A complete set of rules and is listed in the appendix of the lease.
This is a partial listing of the rules:
We are pet friendly and do allow pets but they must be pre approved, not become a nuisance or threat & remain on a run line, leash or be contained in an approved enclosure when not personally attended by their owner. Only neutered/spayed pets are allowed.  Pit bull, doberman pincher, rotweiler, chow chow, wolf and wolf hybrid, breeds are not permitted.  Animal cruelty (as defined and determined by the RV park owner) will not be allowed and will result in immediate eviction without recourse.
No trees cutting.  No bond fires.  Cooking in contained cooking units or grills is permitted in accordance with Fire Codes and Burn Bans.
No firearms may be openly displayed in the park.
No hunting, trapping, skeet shooting, or discharge of firearms or weapons of any type for any reason. No loaded guns are allowed in the Park.
No noise which may negatively impact or affect another camper.  Quiet hours from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.  Intrusive lighting is prohibited.  Interference with or harassment of other Tenants, Guests, Visitors or the Landlord, disturbances of the peace and quiet, or willful or careless destruction of or injury to property in the RV Park is prohibited.  Conduct which threatens, harasses or intimidates others is prohibited.
All connections to sewer & water must be tight and not leak or drip.  All connections to sewer, electric and water must be in like new condition.  
No line drying of laundry.
Vehicles must stay on gravel roads and parking areas and may not be parked in any space other than the space being rented, or if pre arranged in writing in the lease, in a designated overflow parking area.
One vehicle per RV Space or two per single family unit.
No trailers or any other equipment may be parked on the premises.
One person (or single family unit) per RV Space, unless otherwise arranged.
Empty trash daily.  Police: beer caps, bottles, cigarette butts.
Animal cruelty verbal or physical is reason for immediate eviction without refund or recourse.
Rent is due the 1st of the month, if not paid or postmarked by the 5th day of the month: there is a $25 late fee and a $5/day charge thereafter until paid in full.  
No extension cords or auxiliary appliances, specifically: No auxiliary AC units.  
No overnight guests are allowed, excepting: wives and registered children.  Dinner guests and visitors will park in guest parking area only.
RV Sites, RV Lots & RV Spaces are for residential use only.  No subletting of spaces, RVs or trailers.  
Soliciting and signs of any type are not permitted.
No Trespassing or surveillance on or through other rental lots or the unoccupied property which is part of the RV Park.
Speed limit is 10 mph.  Cruising, reckless or unsafe driving is prohibited.
Alcoholic Beverages are permitted in the RV Park, if used responsibly.  Landlord reserves the right to prohibit or restrict alcoholic beverages in the common areas.
Vehicle repair or maintenance and car washing are not permitted.
These and all rules are for the mutual benefit of the RV Park and all of our campers.  We believe we have a beautiful, clean and tidy country setting which we wish to maintain for all of the RV sites, RV lots and RV spaces.
While this is your home please help us maintain it as such.
Thank youRV Park Rules for RV Spaces
Kenedy, Texas RV Park & RV Sites
Questions? Call (512) 496-1974                                            
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